Tue 01 Feb 2022 07:00

The old VPN solution will be shut down during February. You need to switch to our new solution yourself.

The closure will take place department by department in February, see a more detailed timetable here below. 

Microsoft VPN (Classic VPN/vpn.miun.se) is replaced by FortiClient VPN. FortiClient VPN can you change to already now, it is more robust and works better.

Switch to new VPN

In the guide it is described how to switch to FortiClient VPN.

  • Read under the heading VPN and select VPN for Mac or Windows
  • Read under the heading FortiClient VPN

If problems occur

Make an error report and enter the details below:

  • Which VPN is used:MS VPN, Forticlient VPN
  • Time and date of the event
  • What could not be reached, e.g service, storage
  • Where were you at the time of the accident, e.g in the home, hotel
  • How was the computer connected, e.g mobile broadband, Wifi, Network cable
  • What operating system, e.g Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix

Error reporting is made via the Service Portal

Date of change of VPN for each department

INFRA 2022-02-15
EKO 2022-02-16
HR 2022-02-16
FUS 2022-02-21
KOM 2022-02-22
ULS 2022-02-23
BIB 2022-02-28
STUA 2022-02-28
HOV 2022-03-01
PSO 2022-03-02
EJT 2022-03-07
HSV 2022-03-08
UTV 2022-03-09
EKS 2022-03-14
KMT 2022-03-14
IST 2022-03-15
NAT 2022-03-15
CHE 2022-03-16
EHB 2022-03-21
MOD 2022-03-21
DES 2022-03-22
DSV 2022-03-22
MKV 2022-03-22


The page was updated 2/1/2022