Employee convicted of serious crime

Employee convicted of serious crime

A university employee has been convicted of a very serious crime. Once the judgment has acquired legal force, the matter will be brought to the Staff disciplinary board.

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– We take this matter very seriously; it is awful in every way. We feel very uneasy. Above all, it is the vulnerability of the children that pains us, says Kicki Strandh, Head of Communications. 

In January, the employee was charged with aggravated child rape and aggravated sexual abuse/exploitation on a total of six counts. The employee has been detained and on leave of absence since last autumn. The employee was sentenced to nine years in prison. 

– Our task is to handle this matter based on our role as employer. This means that once the judgment has acquired legal force, we will consider termination on personal grounds in our Staff disciplinary board. We will notify the employee´s lawyer about this, says Kicki Strandh.

There is no connection between the deeds and the employee’s role at the university, but the University management, the Board and immediate colleagues have been kept informed throughout the process.