New antivirus and VPN client in April

In April, the Department of Infrastructure will introduce FortiClient on all of Mid Sweden University's Macs and PCs.

Features include:

Virus scan - The new client has a virus scan that takes less resources from your computer when it is running (once a week).

Vulnerability Analysis - The client checks which version of your software you have and warns if there is any detected vulnerability in the version that is installed. An example might be if you have the Firefox browser installed so you can get a recommendation to update to the latest version.

VPN - The computer gets the opportunity to connect VPN via FortiClient. The advantage of this is that the client connects directly to our firewall and it provides a more stable connection. On PC, you can also choose to pair it with the login on the computer so that you do not have to have a special login for VPN. Instructions for using VPN via FortiClient can be found for both Mac and PC here: Guide VPN

In order for your computer to have the client installed, it needs to be either connected to the network on campus or connected via VPN.