Access to apps in O365, including Teams, to be restricted

A whitelist for apps approved for Office 365 will be set up. Microsoft’s own apps are approved. However, an approval process will be introduced for third-party apps as well as for custom apps. Therefore, no new third-party apps can be added as of 3 May.

In Office 365, it is possible to add apps (tools) as add-ins to increase or enhance the functionality. In Teams, you see them as tabs in your team and/or add-ins in Teams’ left menu (in desktop mode). There are three types of apps:

·       apps developed by Microsoft

·       apps developed by third parties

·       custom apps

Mid Sweden University can block or allow all types of apps for the university´s users. Whitelists are used to list approved apps, if only specific apps are approved. Other apps are blocked.

Why a whitelist
Security reasons, Mid Sweden University is now introducing a whitelist policy for apps approved to be used in Office 365. The university has decided to approve all apps from Microsoft, which means that they will all automatically be on the whitelist. Before third-party apps and custom apps can be approved, it must be ensured that the content is processed and stored correctly and complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 A “cloud service group” with representatives from Division of Infrastructure (INFRA) and the Vice-Chancellor´s office (ULS) will be responsible for the approval process. Requests for approval of a specific app should be sent to the cloud service group via the employee pages (länk-finns sidan på eng?). This page contains more information about the process.

Initially, the working group will investigate which of the more than 50 third-party apps already used at the university should be allowed. These apps will be temporarily allowed during the trial period. As soon as the first version of Office 365 whitelist policy for apps is ready, it will be presented under Cloud services on

Consequences for unused apps downloaded before 26 November 2020
Please note that if you have third-party apps that you downloaded before November 26, 2020 and have not used after this date, these will disappear when the access to third-party apps is blocked on 3 May. If you wish to continue using the app, you need to submit a request to the cloud service group. Only third-party apps that have been used in the last 90 days will be allowed during the trial period.