Accessibility-adapted templates will soon be introduced

Thu 22 Apr 11:24

To meet the legal requirements for accessibility that came into force this autumn, Mid Sweden University will update its Word and Powerpoint templates in May.

All published documents, in all formats and on all platforms are covered by the law on accessibility to digital public service.

The new Word templates meet the legal requirements, among other things, in that there is no longer any content in the header, because screen readers do not read out content in that area. The templates have also been updated based on a number of requirements on how they should be designed to be read regardless of people's different disabilities. This means that the templates have a more airy design with one size larger normal text (Palatino 11 p), clearer headings, shorter lines and that the contrasts / colors in diagrams are changed to patterns.

As an employee, you need to start using Mid Sweden University's new document templates with correct format settings as soon as they are introduced. To help you in this, there will be a number of guides and check lists. More information will come when the new templates are implemented.

 The Swedish Digital Administration Agency has more information about the legal requirements.