The ongoing pandemic affect the mental health among students – social isolation and difficulties to plan the studies creates stress and insomnia. A plan has been presented to expand the department of student health activities.

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To expand and develop the department of student health to meet the increasing needs, the plan is to increase staffing, review the students work environment, but also make the department of student health more visible and available for the students.
– We will expand our school counselors- and nurses working hours and hire a pedagogic resource who will work with, among other, work environment. We will also operate a more systematic work to identify and assess what efforts we need to do, and teach how to identify early signs of mental illnesses, says Helena Söderberg, coordinator of the department of student health.  

Everyone together
The student's health is not just an issue for the department of student health, it affects everyone around the university. A student who feels good, perform good. And the opposite, she says.
– The students need the right prerequisites to be able to feel okay in their situation. It can be help with working structure and study technique, support in math from the study workshop, conversation support with Student health or just feedback from a teacher. It's something we all must be able to offer.

Help for students - who are not used to study
One of the efforts is to notice the students who aren't used to study and meet their needs.
– We will also develop and share tools for self-help to both students and teachers and give increased knowledge regarding how to work with students who needs help and support with their study technique.

The resources to increase the department of student health's activities is partly given from the government, who grants 700 000kr, and partly an internal investment of 300 000kr from the principal resources. The project group is currently making a plan just how the resources will be used during 2021, but also 2022 and forward.

Multiple projects regarding student’s health
At this moment, two ALP-projects are running at the university who also focus on topics regarding student's mental wellbeing and students who aren’t used to study. These are Supported Education and the library's introduction course for new students. The department of student health is involved in both projects.

The project group of student health is represented by, except for the department of student health, the student union, the faculty, postgraduates and the project leader for Supported Education. Helena Söderberg also have a dialogue with representatives for pedagogical support and the study workshop to expand the perspective and increase the knowledge.

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