Regional recommendations on campus Sundsvall

Fri 09 Apr 2021 14:42

The regional government in Västernorrland, Region Västernorrland, has issued new recommendations due to the increased risk of spread of virus. The new recommendations mean that students and employees are recommended to wear a mask when visiting crowded areas on campus Sundsvall.

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The recommendations of the regional Government are valid from Monday on 12 April until 9 May and this means:

  • Mask should always be used by individuals born 2004 and earlier when travelling with public transport and when visiting public areas, such as shopping centres, shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and hairdressers - at all times.
  • Everyone should refrain from unnecessary travel, both within and outside the county. Travel must be carried out as safely as possible. The person experiencing symptoms should be able to travel home safely.

For employees and students in Sundsvall this also means:

  • Avoid being on campus — you are encouraged to work or study from home if possible.
  • Students and teachers who need to be on campus for classes are recommended to wear a mask. This also applies if you have an examination on campus. Masks will be provided by the teacher.
  • Teachers can order masks via e-mail: Masks will be delivered to your mailbox.
  • When visiting other crowded areas on campus Sundsvall you are recommended to wear a mask.

Learn more about the new recommendations of the regional Government. 

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