Tue 01 Jun 2021 14:51

The Public Health Agency’s general advice on distance education for adults will be discontinued on 1 June. However, a return should take place incrementally, so Mid Sweden University has decided to stick to its original plan of alternate attendance on campus during the autumn.

The increased rate of Vaccination and reduced contagion has now opened up for a more normal campus existence. Therefore, the Public Health Agency of Sweden now assesses that a gradual return to teaching on campus is possible, based on regional conditions.

Proceeding according to plan
For Mid Sweden University this means that we continue to follow our original plan for the first part of the autumn (read period 1). This means that campus education and distance teaching take place alternately so that not too many people are in place at the same time. The Scheme Unit announces in mid-June how campus presence should be distributed between different programmes. The new general advice may mean that a more normal campus existence will be possible from study period 2. At the beginning of August there will be information about the planning for this.

Homework a bit into the autumn
For the staff, the new advice means that employees who need to be there for the sake of teaching have priority to stay on campus. Other employees shall consult with their immediate manager if necessary, otherwise earlier notice applies that we will work from home until 15 September.

Re-examination at distance
The re-examination in August will take place in the same form as the original exam in the spring, and will therefore mainly take place remotely. This is to ensure that the exam conditions are as equal as possible, regardless of when they are carried out.

Welcome activities in the autumn
The student unions have now started planning for welcome activities in the autumn, but exactly how they will be implemented will be announced later. The Student Union in Östersund regularly publishes information about the plans on its website, and the Student Union in Sundsvall announces on July 3 what the activities will look like.


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