Tue 21 Sep 2021 09:57

The Public Health Agency’s decision to release certain restrictive restrictions implies a gradual return to the workplace. The return must be completed by the end of the year and will be carried out in consultation with your immediate manager.

From September 29 you can return to your workplace in dialogue with your manager. Mid Sweden University’s ambition is to carry out a gradual return to the workplace which will be completed by the end of the year, 2021-12-31. With this procedure we hope that the return will run as smooth as possible.

Gradual return to year-end

Gradual return means that employees can, to some extent, continue to work at home until the end of the year if the needs of the workplace allow it, and as agreed with your immediate manager.

To some extent, the continuation of full-time homework does not mean until the end of the year. Also be prepared that differences will occur between different employees, due to different tasks and business needs.

Consider digital options whenever possible

In connection with the return, you should also return any work equipment that you have at home.

Meetings within Mid Sweden University and outside can now take place as before the pandemic. However, keep in mind that digital options will continue to be considered. As before the pandemic, the staff member will also consider the need for a mission and inform their immediate manager.

Follow the general advice

Keep in mind that it is still important to follow the public health authority’s remaining general advice. Anyone who has symptoms should continue to stay at home and be tested. Where the business allows, and for those who have the opportunity to work despite mild symptoms, dialogue can be conducted between co-workers and the nearest manager to facilitate homework.

As of 8 November 2021, i.e. study period 2, it is planned to return to campus-based activities, which means that teaching and examination follow the course syllabus according to Vice-Chancellor Decision MIUN 2021/1629.

The Vice-Chancellor’s decision on the return was made on 21 September 2021. The decision was preceded by discussion in the Coronavirus Adapted Campus Training Coordination Group and in the management team.


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