New decision on dissertation defence and examinations in relation to Corona

Tue 18 Jan 2022 12:32

With the increased spread of infection, the Vice-Chancellor has today made new decisions regarding dissertation defence/licentiate seminars and examination. This decision applies from 18 January 2022 and the rest of the spring semester 2022.

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Dissertation defence/Licentiate seminars

The dissertation defence/licentiate seminar should follow the recommendation of the Public Health Agency for general meetings.

The Dean decides in what form the dissertation defence/licentiate seminar is to be carried out; distance, hybrid or on-site. The decisive factor for dissertation defence/licentiate seminars on site is that the number of participants does not exceed 50, pre-notification of participation is therefore necessary. At an on-site dissertation/licentiate seminar, participants shall be assigned a seat and groups shall be able to maintain a distance of at least 1 metre sideways, forwards and backwards from other parties. The number of participants in the same company may not exceed 8 persons. If there are more than 8 participants, the group shall be divided.

In cases where the dissertation/licentiate seminar has already been advertised and registrations exceed 50 participants, it will be decided in dialogue with the Dean how the disputation defence/licentiate seminar can be carried out in an infectious-reducing manner, and making sure that the number of participants on site does not exceed 50.


As far as examinations are concerned, Mid Sweden University should act in such a flexible way as to avoid, as far as possible, student groups falling behind in education due to the pandemic, according to UKÄ’s position. This may involve, for example, more or differently organised examinations than normal, special infection control measures in connection with the examination session or, in some cases, changes in examination formats.

A change in the examination format is decided by the Head of department after consultation with the Programme or Course coordinator/Director of studies or equivalent and in dialogue with the Student unions.

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