The pandemic situation and the start of the spring semester

Mon 10 Jan 2022 20:31

Mid Sweden University follows the development of the pandemic and the recommendations issued by our authorities.

At the government's press conference today, January 10, new restrictions were presented to slow down the rapidly increasing spread of infection in Sweden. These new restrictions applies from January 12.

For Mid Sweden University, the new restrictions do not mean any major changes since the previous restrictions from December 23.

  • In order to avoid crowds, distance teaching can be offered e.g. for larger lectures, but distance teaching should not be considered a full-time measure. Students receive information about any changes from their teacher / course coordinator.

  • The recommendations for universities are that teaching and examination should be carried out mainly on campus, with proper infection control measures.

  • Everyone who can work from home must do so, according to the authorities' recommendations. Only the employees who must be present on campus should be. Employees have a dialogue with the immediate manager about their own situation.


According to the recommendations, examinations should be carried out on our premises with appropriate infection control measures, for example to avoid congestion at entrances and exits. Face masks will be distributed individually and hand sanitizer will be available.

It is of the utmost importance that you as a student follow the Public Health Agency's general advice to stay at home if you have symptoms or have someone in your household who is infected with covid-19. If you can not take the exam due to symptoms, you should take the exam at the resit, which usually takes place about 5-6 weeks after the first opportunity. Make sure you know what applies in your specific course.

From the next examination period, the possibility of adding extra exams will be reviewed, but for the exams that are conducted this week, the regular resit opportunity applies.


How to protect yourself and others from being infected with COVID-19


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