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At the same time as the first round of ARC21 is being evaluated, it is time to launch the second part of the evaluation.

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“We decided this autumn to adjust the timetable to give time for the evaluation of the first round where the research at our research centres was reviewed, as well as the subject research within these centres and doctoral education,” says Håkan Wiklund, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research.

Now that the next part begins, it is about evaluation of all other subject research including doctoral education. The evaluation is carried out as a peer review with internationally composed panels. The faculties have already started their work and at last week’s research council a first reconciliation was made.

— In parallel with these preparations, FUS conducts an internal evaluation of our impressions and experiences so far, where center leaders, offices and other functions of the organisation are interviewed. FUS has already carried out an evaluation with the expert panels that were part of the first round. All in order to learn both in the short and long term, says Håkan Wiklund.

Schedule ARC21, round 2:


Jan-May          The recruitment process of external experts is initiated by the faculties.

May-June          Data for indicators are produced within the administration (to be completed after financial statements). Additional information is produced by UOA (Unit of Assessment).

Oct-Nov          Internal peer-review on self-evaluations. Revisions of self-evaluations.

Dec                  Evaluation documents are compiled and sent to expert panels by the faculties.


Week 13           Site visits by expert panels.

May 26            Deadline for submitting reports from expert panels to Mid Sweden University, then fact review and possible revision.

Aug-Sep          Debriefing step 2 at Mid Sweden University’s Management Council.

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