Tue 08 Feb 2022 11:47

From February 9, the restrictions in Sweden will be lifted and we can finally start to return to normal. The return to the workplace will take place gradually from February 15.


On Wednesday, February 9, the phase-out of the measures against covid-19 will begin. Universities that have used partial distance education are recommended a gradual return to campus teaching.

- After two years of pandemic, I hope that we are now in the final stages of this experience, says Eva Dannetun, Vice-Chancellor and convener of the coordination group for corona issues.

Work from home until February 14

Mid Sweden University has a government assignment that staff, who can, should work from home until February 14. For Mid Sweden University's employees, therefore, a gradual return to campus applies from February 15 to March 31. Heads of department / managers are responsible for the planning at each department.

Campus education

- As the restrictions are removed, the goal is to return to the regular course syllabus and ordinary campus teaching from the start of study period 4, which starts in the latter part of March, says Eva Dannetun.

Schedules and upcoming examinations

Schedules for study period 4 were completed before it became known that the restrictions would end this week. Schedules are published and are based on the corona adaptations that each education had planned to use. Teachers / course coordinators should therefore submit requests for changes which correspond to regular campus teaching.

Submit changes to the schedule function no later than 21 February. Students and teachers must have the opportunity to know the schedule no later than four weeks before the course starts.

Changing the structure for the coming examination period is not resource efficient, therefore the examinations during week 7 will be carried out as planned.

- The goal is that from the next exam period in weeks 12 and 13, the syllabus will be followed, says Eva Dannetun.

Students who follow the normal study pace must be given the opportunity to write any re-examination in the same format as the regular examination was given.

Defence of doctoral thesis can return to normal

From February 15th, defence of doctoral thesis can return to normal, without any restrictions on the number of participants or the distance in seating.

- Of course, there is an opportunity to use hybrid form also in the future, says Eva Dannetun.

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