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Thu 17 Mar 2022 10:55

Do you need a sounding board in educational or didactic questions? Do you have questions about the learning platform Moodle? Do you want to know more about Teacher Accreditation, Skrivlyftet or the HEaD-Project?

Studiesituation i P-huset

Drop-in on Thursdays at Educational Development (PU) has been shut down, instead we open up for a new way to ask questions and get help. Book an appointment with an educational developer, system specialist or project manager and get help, support, sounding board or information about the issues you are interested in.


Read more and book an appointment here!


All meetings take place via Teams and a link to the meeting is included in the booking confirmation, sometimes the confirmation ends up in the junk basket so look there if you haven't received one. You need to be logged in to Office 365 in order to make the booking.


The page was updated 3/17/2022