Fri 25 Feb 2022 20:32

We are all following the terrible thing that is happening in Ukraine. Here you will find information about how the university is affected, what we do and what support there is for you as an employee.

Information and Cybersecurity

Pay special attention to phishing attacks and report all incidents. Phishing is when you try to trick someone into sharing passwords and other information.

Reporting incidents

Support for employees and students

The information we currently have is that no employees or students from Mid Sweden University are in Ukraine.

Mid Sweden University, via the International Relations Office, has been in contact with a few students who come from the relevant areas. The Student Health Office offers support to all students who feel bad or worried.

If you are concerned, you can always talk to your closest manager for support and advice. Employees in need of support can contact the occupational health services.

Occupational health services

Support for displaced and at-risk scholars

Mid Sweden University stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian scientific community. Finding ways to help displaced or at-risk scholars to continue their scientific work is essential. Read more what Mid Sweden University is doing to help and host researchers.

Contribute with your knowledge

The media are not only looking for experts in war science, but are interested in getting in touch with more researchers. This may include experts in economics, migration, foreign policy, language, psychology or other fields. Do you want to be on Mid Sweden University’s expert list? E-mail press communicator Ronney Wickzell.

Immediate cessation of cooperation with Russian institutions

From the press conference on 2 March, the government calls for the cessation of contacts and collaborations between higher education institutions and research funders and state institutions in Russia and Belarus. 

Travelling abroad

Mid Sweden University follows the travel recommendations of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Please seek a dialogue with your immediate manager ahead of any business trip.

Information from Swedish authorities

Information from Swedish authorities about what we know right now and about how you can handle any concerns.



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