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Tue 05 Jul 2022 11:58

The new organization of the NMT faculty is progressing in accordance with the established action and timetable. Risk analyzes have been carried out in all departments and at the Faculty Office. The work is managed by Vice Dean Dan Bylund NMT faculty.

Campus Sundsvall

Another round of consultations has also been carried out with all the faculty's subjects as well as the faculty office and the student unions as consultation bodies.

Risk analyzes have been carried out

A large number of risks have been identified, some more or less institutional or group-specific but many of a similar nature. It can be stated that many of these risks also exist in the current organization. A first clustering has been carried out and the most prominent risks were addressed in the documentation for the consultation round, where a number of clarifications were also made regarding the intended management structure, see appendix Revised proposal for a new institutional organization and management structure at NMT (only in Swedish).

In the consultation round, most of the subjects declared themselves to be satisfied with the clarifications that had been made and had, on the whole, nothing further to present compared with previous consultation responses and completed risk analyzes. The students also stated that they were satisfied with how the work had progressed, but wanted to ensure real influence at departmental level once the organization had settled down. However, the office and some subjects raise a number of points where further measures or clarifications are welcome, for example about how subjects that continue to exist in more than one institution should be handled.

In the autumn, a more thorough review of the risks will be carried out together with the MIUN CSG organization, which will be summarizied in an action plan to minimize these risks. A group within the faculty office will also be created to, together with the relevant parts of the administration, such as HR, communication and student administration, will function after the reorganization.

The work so far will be presented at CSG on 29 August, hopefully progressing towards a Vice chancellor's decision in October.

Planned management structure for the departments

A concern that is raised by many is how it will be possible to get new department managements in place already by 1 January 2023. Within the faculty management and in good dialogue with DLG and the unions, we have therefore come to the conclusion that an interim solution would be advantageous, where the dean appoints management at each department and where the current heads of department (who also creates budget for 2023) participate as much as possible as heads of department during the first half of the year and that during this transition period evaluation groups are created within each new department to produce anchored proposals for new prefects who are appointed by the dean before the budget for 2024 is laid. Further clarifications in this will come after the summer.



Take a look at the documentation and reports below. Only in Swedish. 

Previous reports. Only in Swedish


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