Personnel loans between authorities

Fri 12 Jan 2024 13:40

Within the Agency Network, we have a common interest in attracting and retaining talent. Employee loans are a tool for this where we can help each other with the supply of skills by borrowing and lending employees temporarily between each other.


The development opportunities increase for the employee at the same time as we develop our operations and build networks in the region. This does not replace regular recruitments, but is a complement if needed for a shorter period of time. 


Mid Sweden University is a member of the Government Networks in Västernorrland and Jämtland/Härjedalen. Through these, we gain access to, among other things, training and skills-enhancing measures such as mentorship, staff loans and coworking spaces such as Samverket in Östersund. 

Employee loans can provide many opportunities

It can;

  • Resolve a need with the depositing authority
  • contribute to the state being an attractive employer with good opportunities for skills development
  • provide skills development for the seconded worker
  • provide for the transfer of skills between the seconded employee and other employees of the borrowing authority, and when the seconded employee returns to his or her regular workplace
  • Provide development and coordination for government employers


If you as an employee are interested in being loaned out, please contact your manager. If you, as a manager, need to borrow or lend employees, please contact the HR Division.

The rules for employee loans have been changed and the Agency Network has updated with new templates.

Read more on the website of the Agency Network: Agency Network - Employee loans (



The page was updated 1/12/2024