Hans‑Erik Nilsson appointed new Deputy Vice‑Chancellor

Wed 14 Jun 2023 08:57

Vice-Chancellor Anders Fällström has appointed Hans-Erik Nilsson as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Business. The assignment is in line with Mid Sweden University's new strategy adopted last winter.

Hans-Erik Nilsson, vice rektor för innovation och näringslivssamverkan
Hans-Erik Nilsson

– Hans-Erik Nilsson has long and extensive experience of this, and now that he is leaving as dean, he will be an excellent person to take on the issues and work for the entire university in both Jämtland and Västernorrland, says Anders Fällström.

In January, the University Board decided on a new strategy in which internationalisation and sustainable social development in Norrland are two accentuated areas. Not least based on the establishments that are now underway in both Västernorrland and Jämtland, the university's collaborations with industry in both research and education will be an important part of sustainable societal development. In order to be able to work more focused on this issue and to give the business community an easier entrance to the university, a deputy vice-chancellor is now being appointed with a focus on business collaboration.

– Mid Sweden University is a global university with regional commitment. The regional commitment is largely about different types of collaboration with the business community in our regions and throughout northern Sweden, says Anders Fällström.

Hans-Erik Nilsson, Professor of Electronics Design and outgoing Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, NMT, already represents Mid Sweden University in a number of business-related organizations both in Västernorrland and Jämtland. These include Bizmaker, Bron Innovation, the preparation group for the municipal agreements, SIMMIT and High Coast Invest, which is the main node for Invest in Sweden Agency in Mid Sweden.

– As dean, I have worked extensively with both innovation issues and collaboration with industry, and in my new role my commitment will be more evident from a university's overall perspective. There is a need for, and an expectation of, the university's commitment and representation in the region's innovation cluster and forum for business development, says Hans-Erik Nilsson.

The assignment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Business is for the period 1 July to the end of December 2026.


Hans-Erik Nilsson, 010-1428739, hans-erik.nilsson@miun.se



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