Do you want to continue Campus MIUN IF?

Wed 13 Sep 2023 14:40

For many years at Mid Sweden University there has been an association whose sole purpose has been to run St Olovsloppet. This has been going on since the pandemic and we who have served on the Board no longer have the opportunity to lead this.

löpning tävling skor springa

We are therefore calling to: 

Annual meeting in Campus MIUN IF Thursday 28/9 at 17.00! 

Are there anyone willing to take over responsibility for the organisation? There is money in the checkout and St Olovsloppet is a lovely competition that creates a lot of community within the team and an exciting and playful competition with other teams. 

Please join us on September 28th at 5 p.m. The meeting takes place via Zoom:

Warmly welcome! 
Lennart, Lina & Ingrid

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