Information about the MiunID reinvention issue

Fri 12 Apr 2024 11:54

During the last weeks, there have been problems with the creation of MiunID and login for new students and staff. As of 15 April, the issue has been resolved.

Latest News

As of April 15, all the functions in M365 have been restored.

  • If you need a new password for your MiunID, you need to contact IT support.

Previous information

For you as an employee, teacher or faculty administrator 

This does not work at present for new employees and students

  • They can't access their Microsoft services, M365 (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, email) at the moment as the synchronization between Mid Sweden University and Microsoft's cloud services doesn't work. Troubleshooting is in progress.

Do you need to do something as a new employee, teacher or faculty administrator?

  • No, the solution with Microsoft comes automatically. As soon as the synchronization is up and running again, everyone who has created a new MiunID will be able to access their M365 services when they log in to the Staff Portal/student web with their username and password.
  • As a teacher, keep in mind that:
    • M365 does not work and therefore does not add links to SharePoint in e.g. Moodle.
    • Encourage new students to check Moodle continuously as they are not reached by notifications to their student email
  • We will publish a news item when the problem is solved on the Staff Portal and the Student web



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