Teaching at a Partner Institution

The Erasmus+ programme gives teachers at Mid Sweden University the opportunity to apply for grants for teaching at a European partner institution.

Teachers who are employed at Mid Sweden University can apply for mobility grants for teaching at a partner institution within Erasmus+. Teaching includes lecturing, seminars, individual tutoring and examinations. The mobility should last at least two days (not including travel days) and include at least 8 teaching hours per week. 

The EU Commission's new agenda for higher education gives special priority to increase the quality of higher education. For this reason, there is an opportunity to apply for grants for visits which focus specifically on the development of new pedagogical methods and development of course syllabi. 

Applications are accepted continuously, no set deadline. We try to divide funding between our two faculties. Mobilites are limited to a maximum of 2 weeks in order to get more teachers the chance to participate. In the case that we have more applications than there is funding, we will give priority to applicants who are applying for their first international mobility. Beyond this, we give priority to mobilities which: 

  • aims to develop new course material (according to priority above)
  • aims to further confirm or broaden contacts and collaborations between departments and faculties
  • aims to prepare for future collaborations/projects

How to apply 
Fill in the Grant/Mobility Agreement electronically (open the document and save a copy to your own computer desktop) and hand that in to the International Relations Office. The documents has to be written in English and signed by the teacher, department head and contact person at the host institution. Scanned/digital signatures are ok. 

Payment of mobility grants 
The home department at Mid Sweden University covers the costs initially. The mobility grant is paid out (daily allowance and travel grant) after the mobility is completed. When the International Relations Office has received all required documents and the EU-survey evaluation has been handed in online, there will be a transfer of funding to the home department. The grant amount is determined by country of stay, number of days at the host institution, and distance to the host institution, all in accordance with principles defined by the EU Commission. Please note that the grants rarely cover all expenses. 

Mobility grant amounts for Erasmus+ mobilities
Calculator for travel grants

After the mobility 
The following documents have to handed in to the International Relations Office: 

  • Certificate of attendance, signed by the host institution
  • Copy of travel costs (forward pdf/e-mail from travel agency)
  • Copy of the reported travel costs from Primula/Egenrapporteringssystem
  • Fill in the EU-survey (link will be sent out via e-mail)
  • Share your experience with others (e.g. travel reports, interviews, photos)

Send your documents via e-mail or internal mail to

International Relations Office
Maria Fredlund
Campus Östersund