Employees may apply for a travel card that can be used as a means of payment for travel by train/bus between Mid Sweden University campuses.

This card should only be used for your business trips between campus locations by Länstrafiken’s buses and by Norrtåg trains, and is a complement to the bookings that can also be made via the university’s travel agency, Ticket Biz.

The definition of a campus trip is:
• Travelling by train with Norrtåg or by Länstrafiken’s buses
• Travelling between the towns (t/r) Härnösand, Sundsvall, Östersund a the towns between Sundsvall, Östersund, Härnösand, Åre, Örnsköldsvik and Kramfors
Thus, a campus trip consists of transport between the university’s campuses, i.e. not bus trips within a city.

Tågkompaniet is the train operator for the route Sundsvall-Östersund-Trondheim, on behalf of Norrtåg. Mid Sweden University staff travel using the Miun travel card as a ticket on the train. [SK1] 

The card is ordered via the form on this page and you can usually collect it the day after ordering it. When you collect your card from the Division of Finance (EKO), you will have to sign a contingent liability.

With this card, you will not receive any information about the traffic operator in terms of changes made to timetables, so please note that timetables are regularly adjusted. The card will not give you a seat.

If you lose your card, please contact e-faktura@miun.se immediately. Report your name and that the card is lost. You can then order a new travel card.

The cost of your campus trips is centrally managed and financed through the annual overhead costs.

Please note: The price shown on the receipt when you travel on the travel card is the regular price. The discount will be settled on the invoice, and you do not need to save the receipt.


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