The maintenance office in Östersund is located in house G, floor 2. Here you will also find copying, mail handling and a small office store, where you can buy the necessary office supplies

Campus Östersund

The maintenance office is responsible for, among other things:

  • keys
  • locks
  • access control system
  • alarms
  • waste paper
  • regular maintenance
  • Ordering printouts


You turn to the maintenance office when you have compendiums, dissertations and other forms of departmental material that you need copied. The office can be found on the 2nd floor of the G-house.

Our machine park offers many options for different types of work.
Some of the most common variants are:

- Color copying - A4, A3, Transparent
- Black and white - A4, A3, Transparent, Double-sided, Booklet A5 A4, Punching
- Finishing - Cutting, Bonding, Binding


Submission of material

The original material is handed in to the caretaker or sent via internal mail with the accompanying order slip. It is also possible to send copy jobs by e-mail.

Order forms should always be filled in when submitting for specification of requirements.

The material sent by e-mail must always be the same size as the final print and be in Word format, Adobe PDF or image format.

The caretaker enlarges or reduces the file according to the wishes specified.

Large format

We can offer prints up to 106.7 cm wide (42 ") on several different media that you can look at and feel at each office.

Price list paper

Price list accessories

For best results, feel free to consult with the caretaker / printer before a large work order is sent or left for printing.

Copying within the university area, general terms and conditions (Bonus agreement)


Other services

The maintenance office helps you with all kinds of business services, such as. furniture, relocation and technical support A / V equipment. For help with other services, contact us directly at the maintenance office via the service portal.


Opening hours

Monday -Friday: 07.30-16.00
Lunch: 12.00-12.30


Contacts Östersund

Intendant Per-Erik Östling

Caretaker Jörgen Lövgren

Caretaker Roland Persson

Caretaker Mats Olofsson

Caretaker (NY) Marielle Olsson 

AV Support Tony Backlund

Printing / Store Nizam (Nick) Mitha

Campus map Östersund


Mail handling

The mail handling can be found in maintenance office on the 2nd floor in house G.

All incoming and outgoing, internal and external mail from Mid Sweden University is handled here.

Distribution of internal / external mail / packages to the departments within Mid Sweden University takes place between approx. 9:30 and 10:30 every weekday, where it is left in the mail room at each institution.

Parcels that arrive during the day to the caretaker are distributed with this turn the next day.

Collection of outgoing internal and external mail / packages from the departments, done between approx. 14.30 to 15.00.

Office supplies

Orders for office supplies were sent either via internal mail or e-mail to the maintenance office. Of course, it is also possible to shop directly with us. Debiting of office supplies takes place every quarter.

Here you can place an order for office supplies