Here you find information about what different types of accounts we can offer at Mid Sweden University.


Identity Provider - IDP

General description of SAML2 WebSSO

The service provides authentication of users which have an electronic idenitity at Mid Sweden University , together with release of attributes pertaining to the authenticated user. The provider of the service/centre of learning is a member of SWAMID, the Swedish identity federation for Research and higher education. The service has been deployed in accordance with SWAMID’s policy and encompassing rules and guidelines which have been laid down by SWAMID.


Policy for personal integrity

The service adheres to the policy for the handling of personal data which has been published by Mid Sweden University in accordance with Swedish law.


The service and limitations of service

Mid Sweden University undertakes to guarantee the availability of the service in accordance with Mid Sweden University’s requirements and expectations. The process for creation, deletion and maintenance of electronic identities at Mid Sweden University is described here . Mid Sweden University follows SWAMID’s recommendations for release of attributes based upon entity categories. Mid Sweden University reserves the right to change the actually released attributes, having communicated such with a service provider, regardless of the recommendations from SWAMID concerning the entity category the service provider has been placed in.


Service and support

Questions and faults regarding Mid Sweden University and it’s SAML2 WebSSO service should be directed to the following local support channels: 


Tfn:            010-142 80 00

Rules for use of MittNet

Rules for use of MittNet and Mid Sweden University computers

An important prerequisite for MIUN to operate effectively is the provision and optimal utilisation of an efficient network of communications technology. This means that MittNet[1]will be used to transmit a vast volume of information. Therefore, rules and regulations regarding what information may be transmitted and stored in the MIUN network and computers are essential. These rules and regulations are intended to protect both the rights of the individual and the interests of MIUN regarding the use of computers and IT facilities via MittNet and are designed to cover both financial/legal and ethical/moral aspects.

Everyone wishing to use MittNet and/or the computers at MIUN must have a personal user identity code and must have agreed to abide by the following rules and regulations:

1. Stored and Transmitted Information

The information stored in MIUN computers or transmitted via MittNet must meet the following requirements:

  • the information shall not contravene Swedish legislation
  • the information shall not give offence on moral grounds
  • the information shall not infringe the integrity of any individual or discredit the reputation of MIUN or any other body
  • the information shall be related to the work of MIUN

2. Prohibited behaviour[2]

The user is guilty of prohibited behaviour if he/she: 

  • attempts to access the network facilities without having permission to do so
  • attempts to conceal his/her user identity (unless they have permission to do so)
  • attempts to hinder or prevent normal use of the network
  • clearly wastes the available resources regarding network capacity, staff capacity, hardware, software etc.
  • attempts to harm or destroy data stored by others   encroaches on the private lives of others
  • attempts to insult or offend others.

3. Personal responsibility

Users of MittNet and MIUN computers are personally responsible for informing themselves of and abiding by the currently relevant regulations. All users are responsible for the information that they have stored, transmitted or handled in their own user identity or identities.

The international computer network, Internet, is not composed of one single network, but is in fact a conglomeration of many thousand separate networks, allowing communication between all parts. Communication and the transfer of data via Internet can thus pass through a number of networks before reaching its final destination. The user should be aware that all forms of data transmission involve the utilisation of several networks.

As a user of MittNet one has access to other national and international networks and computer systems attached to these networks. Each network and each local computer system may have their own regulations. Activities that are admissible within one system may be subject to supervision, or even completely forbidden in another network. It is always the responsibility of the individual user to check on and abide by the relevant regulations in each situation. Bear in mind that the fact that it is possible to perform a certain action is no guarantee that the action is approved or even permissible.

4. Application of the rules

In cases of suspected infringement of the above rules, the MIUN Disciplinary Committee will make decisions regarding students in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 10, and the MIUN Staff Disciplinary Committee regarding members of staff (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 1 §5).

5. Sanctions for breaking the rules

Users who break the rules and regulations can have their access to MittNet and/or MIUN computers suspended and in addition can be suspended from further studies or be given notice of dismissal/be dismissed from their posts at MIUN.

Actions judged to be criminal will be reported to the police. Anyone who breaks the above rules and regulations will be held personally responsible regarding any punishment involved or liability for damages.

6 Erasure of user identities in the Student Portal

Your user identity in the Student Portal will be erased if either of the following conditions applies:

  • You haven't accessed the Student Portal for at least 18 months
  • You haven't been registered for any of Mid Sweden University's current courses for at least 18 months

[1] Mittnet is the system that provides a computer network for all departments and units at MIUN. The network is administered by the IT unit by order of the Vice-Chancellor.

[2] Following the principles adopted by SUNET.