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How do I switch SIM-card?

How do I make phone calls via Teams?

How do I refer my phone; set my status of presence?

What number is displayed to the recipient of a call? Can I change it?

What code should I enter to listen to my voicemail in Trio User?

What data volume is included in the subscriptions?

Where can I see how much data volume I have used?

What is required to put Team Meetings in Outlook on Mac?

What is Trio?

Can I chat with someone external who has Skype?

Will I be able to connect to Skype meetings arranged by my external contacts?

Will the fixed desk telephones (SNOM) and conference telephones (SNOM) work after the change of provider?

What is A5?

What is “Teams Only”?

I do not have a Mid Sweden University business mobile but still got a SIM card?

Is it possible to use eSIM in the new telephony with Tele2?

Is it allowed to use the Mid Sweden University’s SIM card in my private mobile phone?

Can I use my private mobile phone instead of the university's standard model?