Here you will find frequently asked questions and guides for telephony.

Telephony via Tele2

How do I switch SIM-card?

Follow this guide if you do not know how to switch your SIM card:

Guide: How to switch SIM-card

How do I make phone calls via Teams?

To dial a number from Teams, go to Calls, click Dial a number, and then enter the number of the person you want to reach by using the key pad. Then click Call.  

Read more in Microsofts guide about calls via Teams.

Only you who have a telephone connection in the telephony system can see a keypad under "Calls" in Teams and can call an external telephone number from Teams.

How do I refer my phone; set my status of presence?

You do this in Trio User, which you get access to via the following link:

The web link is distributed as a shortcut to staff with a Windows personal computer, so it easily can be reached from the desktop and in the Start menu. If you want to delete it, do it via the Software Center: "Trio User Shortcut Desktop".

If your computer is a Mac, a web link to Trio User has been sent to your computer. It is located under Programs on the computer and can then be found in the Finder and if you use the search function on Mac (spotlight), shortcut CMD + space, and search for "Trio".

In Trio User you enter your status of presence via the referral interface. In Trio User you can also have access the staff catalog.

When it comes to referrals, the connection to your calendar will work as before, so that a booked meeting will keep you busy on the phone (and Teams).

This Quick reference guide from Tele2 contains info about Trio User.

What number is displayed to the recipient of a call? Can I change it?

The default is that it is the 010 number that is displayed, regardless of whether you are calling from Teams or from your business mobile.

Your phone is automatically set as busy on the 010 number if you have a meeting booked in Outlook. Calls to your 07x number (mobile number), however, bypass the referral even if you have the status busy. This is so that you can be reached for family matters or anything else urgent. The general recommendation is to only use the 010 number in your contact information.

In Trio User under "Settings" and "Set role" you can change which number is displayed. If you want the 07x number (mobile number) to be displayed, change the settings from "Arbete fast" to "Arbete mobil" (Work mobile).

What code should I enter to listen to my voicemail in Trio User?

You need to enter a code to listen to a message in your voice mailbox. The code is the last four digits of your connection, ie. in the 010 number.

What data volume is included in the subscriptions?

The agreement with Tele2 includes an average consumption of 5 GB per subscription. The new thing is that we can "borrow" data from a colleague. This means that if user A exceeds 5 GB in his consumption, but user B has not consumed that much data, then extra data can be taken from the pot that is created centrally for this.

The advantage is, among other things, reduced administration, and faster processing of an upcoming need for more data volume. However, this does not mean that we have "free surfing"! There is a responsibility on each employee not to waste. At the same time, more people are given the opportunity to get help quickly if they need more data volume (the adjustment is done automatically).

Statistics will be taken on this for follow-up and adaptation of the service in the future. Abuse will be reported to the manager and suspension from the amount of data can take place.

Where can I see how much data volume I have used?

Send an SMS to 243 with the text "data" and you will receive an answer on how much data has been used this month.

What is required to put Team Meetings in Outlook on Mac?

For Teams to work fully in Outlook on Mac, you need to activate your personal Office 365 license which is available through Self Service. Do as follows:

  • Quit all Office programs.
  • Start the app, Self Service.
  • Click on the "Activate Office 365 license" and the "Activate" button.
  • After this, Outlook is started and you activate the license by entering your MIUN email address.
  • You can continue working in Outlook while the calendar is being updated in the background, it takes about 10 minutes.
  • You are then prompted to restart Outlook and then Teams is in the calendar.
  • To the right in the top bar of Outlook, you have the option "New Outlook". If you choose it, you get Teams as a default för meetings.

What is Trio?

Trio Connect is the name of the new telephony system. All employees get access to Trio User. In Trio User you will find the staff catalog and enter your attendance status via a reference interface. When it comes to referrals, the link to your calendar will work as before; a booked meeting shows you as busy on the phone (and in Teams).

Can I chat with someone external who has Skype?

When it comes to external contacts who have Skype, it works to chat with them one-on-one via Teams and only with plain text, see Microsoft's info on this.

Will I be able to connect to Skype meetings arranged by my external contacts?

Yes, you can continue to connect to external Skype meetings, either via a web client or with the help of Teams that have the functionality to also connect to Skype meetings.

Will the fixed desk telephones (SNOM) and conference telephones (SNOM) work after the change of provider?

Tele2 has confirmed that both SNOM desk telephones and SNOM conference telephones will work in the new solution, but settings need to be changed in them. INFRA expects that they will be able to test the new settings until we change provider, 29 Oct. It will be possible to change the settings in the SNOM phones as soon as the transition to Tele2 is done, otherwise it will not work to make calls with the current solution via Telia.

If it should take a day or two to change settings in all SNOM phones, the option to call from the computer can be used. The recommendation is to, if possible, switch from a fixed-line telephone to only call via the computer (via Teams in the new solution, which replaces Skype / Touchpoint used today).

What is A5?

This is the type of Office 365 license needed to get access to Teams telephony functionality. The licenses began to be activated on October 20.

What is “Teams Only”?

This means that telephony is via Teams and that it is no longer possible to use Skype.

Is it possible to use eSIM in the new telephony with Tele2?

Yes, it is possible to get an eSIM instead of a regular SIM card if it suits your solution better. This makes it possible for you who, for example, use a newer iPhone to get dual SIM cards in your mobile (where one of the slots only can handle one eSIM). Of course, it also works in Android and other phone versions that support this.

Is it allowed to use the Mid Sweden University’s SIM card in my private mobile phone?

It is allowed to use the Mid Sweden University’s SIM card (also eSIM) in your private mobile phone to be reachable from the university line during your working hours. If you choose to use this solution, please return your business mobile to the Service centre, if you have one.

Please note that none of Mid Sweden University's insurances or guarantees apply if you use this solution.

Can I use my private mobile phone instead of the university's standard model?

Yes, it is allowed to use your private mobile if you prefer and / or only want a single phone with you during the day. Remember that you must be contactable during your working hours on the job number you have from the university. You need to have a SIM card (or eSIM) from Mid Sweden University in your private mobile in these cases, if you do not use another solution for your job telephony. Please remember to return your business mobile to the Service centre in cases where you have one and the job's SIM card is in another phone. This is because it is not allowed to use the work phone as your own private equipment.

Please note that none of Mid Sweden University's insurances or guarantees apply if you use this solution.

The page was updated 4/3/2023