There is parking fees for on-campus parking also for staff members.

Bilar parkering

The car parks are managed by the owner of the car parks and the municipality of Sundsvall. Payment should be made in accordance with their payment options.

Campus Sundsvall

The municipality of Sundsvall offers car parks at Himlabadet, Folkets park, "the SCA car park" alongside Sidsjövägen, Åkroken västra (Västermalm) as well as Förrådet 4 and 6. You can pay your parking fee using the mobile app Parkster.

Further information

On behalf of the car park owner Hemfosa, Drakstaden runs the car parks inside Åkroken. You will be able to pay your parking fee using a mobile app or SMS, the parking fees will be introduced 1 May.

Further information – payment and prices

Campus Östersund

Intea Campus AB offers on-campus parking, administrated by the procured administrative supplier ePark. You can pay your parking fee online or with their mobile app. To be able to sign up for a parking permit, you need to get a code from Servicecenter in building G. Please remember to add and activate the registration plate number of your car when you buy your parking permit, as you, in addition to buying the permit, also have to activate it in the app within two weeks. If your registration plate number changes, i.e. if you buy or use another car, the old number must be deactivated and the new number activated.  

Information from ePark

Parking fees:

  • including engine heater SEK 250/month (the areas marked with red on the map from ePark above).
  • without engine heater SEK 200/month, which means that you are only allowed to use parking spaces without a power outlet for engine heaters (limited number of parking spots above building Q).
  • Parking for electric car SEK 400 / month.
    NOTE that the parkings for electric cars at house G and some on Campusvägen are parking for visitors who are paid via sms (SEK 10 / hour).

Visitor parking
The visitor parking fee is SEK 6/hour (minium fee SEK 10), SEK 30 full day.
Parkeringskarta Campus Östersund (the visitor parking area is marked in blue)

You can pay the parking fee using the mobile app Parkster, e-bill (no invoicing charge) or paper bill (invoicing charge).