Information for you as a teacher, about new Ladok

Mon 22 Oct 2018 14:00

"Nya Ladok", the student administration system, will be implemented at Mid Sweden University on 6–18 November. Here are some information to you as a teacher before we enter the new Ladok system.

Report results

Module/Test is the name of the part/parts of the course that we report results on, i.e. the examination forms for the course. It states the types of examination/parts and the extent and grades that apply to them. Exempels are exam, assignment, laboratory work etc.

The basis for changing the results reports/examinations in a course for the coming semester must be submitted to administrators, by December 1 for the spring term, and June 1 for the autumn term so that they can administer this in good time before the students are accepted.

The best is if the forms for examination are stated in the syllabus, but documentation can also be given to the administrators in other ways.

According to MIUNs “Rule for Syllabus” (dnr MIUN 2016/1998), the examination may be revised in the syllabus by December 1 for a spring term an June 1 for a fall semester.

New Modules/Tests (For report result) must be submitted to Ladok no later than:

-          1 December for the spring term

-          1 June for the autumn term

This means that if you plan to change the examination forms (extent, type, grade) in a course that runs during the spring term of 2019, you must inform the administrator that modules/trials will be updated in Ladok.

If necessary, revise the syllabus and inform your administrator about the change.

To ensure that your changes can be managed by Ladok before the deadline, ensure that the syllabus is completed in due time before 1 December at Atlas (no later than 15 November). See the possible timetables that the faculties have set up for work with syllabuses.

Sample / modules already on a course apply until a change is made in the course of the course. You do not have to insert new modules / change modules before each semester, only when changes are made to modules (samples) ie how the course should be reported.

More information about Ladok, see the Staff portal


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