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Search for Records and Documents

Please note that our records are primarily written in Swedish. Some of our externally funded projects may partly be documented in English. Below You will find a few tips that will help You search if You already have certain information about the records You are looking for:

    • If You already have a ”diarienummer”, the unique number for the records (for example MIUN 2017/XXXX), choose “Sök ärende” and enter the number in the box called “ärendenummer”.
    • Do You know what the records might be named? For example the project title? choose “Sök ärende” and enter a key word from the title, for example “forest” or “skog” (if the project has a Swedish title) in the box called “ärendemening”.
    • Do You know who is responsible for the project etc that You are looking for? choose “Sök ärende” and enter his or her name in the box for “handläggare”.
    • Do You roughly know the dates for the records you are looking for? choose “Sök ärende” and then use the boxes for “Registreringsdatum” (date of registration).
    • The three options above may be combined in order to further limit the search.
    • Do You know the name of the external party? Choose “sök handling” and enter the name (for example Vinnova) in the box “Avsändare/mottagare”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Registrar’s office for further assistance in finding what You are looking for.