Miun Play is the Mid Sweden media portal. This is where we upload all films and tutorials that are produced at Miun.

The media portal is available through the web https://play.miun.se/  or through Moodle. In Moodle you can use the Kaltura Video Resource tool to upload your media to your courses or to create new films using the recording tool Capture Space. Both these functions can be found under My Media in Kaltura Video Resource in Moodle.

Capture Space is also available through the web based part of the media portal. Go to https://play.miun.se/ and choose Log in in the upper right corner. Then choose Add New and Record a presentation. Of course, you can also upload media here.

My Media is a shared repository for both Moodle and the web based part of the media portal, so media that you create or upload in one place can be found at the other.

Do you have any questions? Contact us at lrckontakt@miun.se