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More automatic renewal periods

The library uses automatic renewals, which means that the books you borrow are automatically renewed when the lending period nears its end. Automatic renewals are only applicable if the book has not been reserved by someone else, or if the maximum amount of renewals has been reached. As an employee of Miun you have more automatic renewals than other patrons, with a maximum of a little over 2 years.

Primo and databases

Primo is the library's primary search tool. In Primo you will find the library's printed and electronic collections. If you need to make more extensive subject specific searches, the library provides a large number of subject specific databases as well as general/interdisciplinary databases.


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Purchase suggestions

We are happy to receive purchase suggestions for books, journals etc. who are relevant for the courses and research conducted at the Mid Sweden University. Primarily we will choose to purchase electronic sources if available, otherwise we by printed material.

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Interlibrary loans

If you need a book which is not in our collections, you can order it through us. If the book is relatively new we usually purchase it. If it is a little older or no longer available for purchase we borrow it from another library.

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Article orders

If you need an article from a publication not in our collections, you can order it through us. We will send a printed copy of the article to your office.

In some cases you have the opportunity to get article copies delivered within 8 hours as PDFs directly to you e-mail account. This service is called Get It Now and is integrated with our search tools. When you search in Primo or in our primary databases the post data will let you know if this service is available for that particular title.

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You can always contact us via e-mail or through our contact form.