Book lectures on academic writing for your students


Please note that these lectures are only given in Swedish

In addition to the individual tutoring of students, the University Library also offers course components that focus on academic writing as a complement to the information literacy tuition. The information presented is not tailored to any particular discipline and is applicable to freestanding courses and programmes alike. For example, we offer three progressive lectures of two hours each for the course levels A, B and C.

Among other things, the lectures focus on the following:

  • What is academic writing?
  • The aim and objective of the essay
  • The IMRaD organizational structure
  • The writing process
  • How to quote, refer to sources and present evidence
  • Citations
  • Headings, paragraphs and topic sentences
  • Transition words
  • The first draft
  • Editing
  • Common writing errors
  • Final proof corrections

Read more about writing tutoring and the academic resource centre on the library's web.