All employees were welcomed to participate in the vision and strategy work in 2017–2018.


At the Board meeting in May 2018, the formal decision was made about the Mid Sweden University vision and strategy 2019–2023.

Summary of the vision and strategy


The work, aiming at formulating a vision and an overall strategy for Mid Sweden University for the years 2019–2023, started in May 2017 and it was completed in May 2018. The work was characterized by re-thinking and inclusivity, and it was carried out with broad participation and commitment. This involved all groups at the university, from the Board to students and staff members. 

The initiators, as well as the steering group, was Vice-Chancellor Anders Fällström, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Eva Dannetun and University strategist Anna-Lena Perdahl. A project group was responsible for collecting and compiling the material. After that, a reference group processed and analyzed the material.

Workshops with different topics
During the process, there were three open workshops at both campuses where all staff members were invited. Each workshop had one or more topics. The aim was that together, we will define an overall vision and a strategy for the university. The topics were defined by the steering group based on the results from the Vice-Chancellor´s Inspiration Days, requests from the Board and the results from the Miun 2025 work. These topics were: internationalization and mobility, external relations, profiling, digitalization, quality, and “the principle of the good employer”/ “the good working environment”. 

The first workshops was held in November–December 2017. The second and third workshops was held in January and February 2018. After each workshop, the reference group met to work through the feedback from the participants. Chefsforum, ULG and the Board were updated throughout the process. At the Board meeting in May 2018, the formal decision was made. Before that, a suggestion were sent out for consultation in accordance with our routines for referrals. 

The steering group comments on the strategy work

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