Work for the Future – Miun 2025

In August 2015 the Vice-Chancellor invited all employees to participate in Mid Sweden University’s work for the future – Miun 2025.

During 2015 and 2016 the employees at Mid Sweden University were invited to a discussion about the development and future of our university.  The method was the scientific discourse, where we challenged the idea that there is one single way to describe our future and our identity. Several perspectives was highlighted, many voices heard and in that way, we hope to reach both understanding and respect for the fact that there are different points of view. Together, we create our future and the university that we want to be.

The aim of this work for the future is a new development plan for Mid Sweden University. The work consisted of three parts: a series of seminars, five case studies and a summary in the form of a book, in which many people share their stories about Mid Sweden University.

Series of seminars


  • Fantasier om en värdegrund (Fantasies of basic values) – was held on 20 August 2015
  • Ut – bildningsfabriken (Out – the education factory) – was held on February 5, 2016
  • På (o)lika villkor (On (un)equal terms) – was held on April 25, 2016
  • Idéer om akademiskt ledarskap (Ideas about academic leadership) – was held on August 24, 2016
  • Forskningsmiljöers möjlighetsvillkor (The conditions of the research environments’ opportunities) – 2 December 2016   – The seminar was cancelled due to too few participants.
  • Mitt, ditt, vårt universitet (My, your, our university) – was held on 13 March, 2017

Case studies

The purpose of the case studies was to explore five areas of tension in our organization, particularly highlighting different perspectives. Five pairs of researchers from different subject and organizational domains explored an area of tension within the organization, through specialized and investigative efforts:

  1. Bortom New public management, NPM (Beyond New Public Management, NPM)
    Angelika Sjöstedt Landén, HUV/SHV
    Ingela Bäckström, NMT/KMM
  2. Språkets makt och maktens språk (The Power of Language and the Language of Power)
    Peter Degerman, HUV/HUM
    Mikolaj Dymek, NMT/MKV
  3. Arbetsdelningar och organisatoriska utmaningar (Division of Labour and Organizational Challenges)
    Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, NMT/NAT
    Kristina Zampoukos, HUV/TUG
  4. Universitetets styrningsrelationer – inifrån och ut och utifrån och in (The Ruling Relations at the University – Inside and Out and Outside and In)
    Inga Carlman, NMT/EHB
    Peter Öhman, HUV/EVJ
  5. Professioner i akademin och akademins professioner  (Professions in the Academy and Professions of the Academy)
    Lars-Åke Lindström, HUV-kansliet
    Lena Karlsson, BIB  

Book for download

Framsida Miun 2025-bok, omslag

Mitt, ditt och vårt universitet (My, Your, Our University)
(English summary in page 153–161)

You can also order a printed copy by sending an email to

Lecture – Rosemary Deem

Öppet hus

Towards new meanings of valuable work for all university workers

Professor Rosemary Deem is one of few researchers who are interested in the university as a workplace for many different professions and how these different occupational groups work are valued, when and by whom.