To write an introductory chapter (kappa)

Mon 23 May 10.00–12.00

What should one think about when witing your introductory chapter (kappa)? Participate in a seminar where colleagues who recently defended their thesis share their experiences.

Most PhD student who are working with a compilation thesis are faced with this question. Something that both raises questions about structure, content and style. What are the challenges and obstacles one is facing? And how can one navigate through these it the best way?

To discuss these questions, we have invited colleagues who recently defended their thesis, and they will give us an insight of their experience. This will be presented as an open conversation among all participants and the aim is to hear different perspectives which hopefully will be valuable in the future process of working with your introductory chapter.

Participating are Kristin Godtman Kling, Emelie Larsson, Anna Leiler, Olof Oscarsson and Cecilia Segevall. Gustav Lidén is hosting the seminar.

Please apply to Sara Häggström by the 15th of May at the latest. Link to the seminar will be sent out to participants.

The page was updated 4/4/2022