Writing days for doctoral students

Tue 17 Oct –Wed 18 Oct
Söråkers herrgård

Welcome to writing days for doctoral students at Söråkers Herrgård outside Sundsvall, 17-18 October!

These days are aimed at doctoral students at the Faculty of Human Sciences. The purpose of them is to have the opportunity to work on your dissertation in a peaceful environment and at the same time get the chance to meet other doctoral students.

Two shorter workshops with the theme of research communication will also be offered:

  • News inventory
    Learn to discover news in your own research to be able to arouse interest in the media and the outside world. We go through a useful method and land in an outcome with (hopefully) one or more interesting news ready to communicate to the outside world immediately after the workshop.
  • "The elevator pitch"
    We talk about message formulation, adaptation to the target group and how to make your own research interesting and understandable even for target groups that do not have all the prior knowledge that you and your research colleagues have. We ask ourselves the question: how do you make other interested in your work?

Place: Söråkers Herrgård (common transport from campus Sundsvall will be arranged)

Date: 17-18 October Lunch to lunch (overnight stay incl. lunches and joint dinner in the evening)

Registration no later than August 31.

Detailed program and times will be sent out to registered participants.


The page was updated 6/16/2023