IT security tips for your everyday life.

11 points to keep in mind in your daily work:


  • Protect your login information and never disclose it. You are personally responsible for the activities performed via your login information.

  • Keep track of your cell phone and computer. Lock them if you leave them temporarily and do not leave them unattended in a public place.

  • Keep your devices up to date. New updates often include security updates that reduce the risk of you encountering different types of threats. This applies to computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.

  • Think before you click! This applies to both links and attachments and links in your email but also when you surf the internet.

  • Be restrictive with unknown wireless networks.

  • Never connect an unknown USB or other unknown external device. They can be infected with viruses that spread automatically when connected.

  • Never use the same password on MIUN as you do privately. MIUN cannot review the security of services used privately and lack of security in such services may lead to unauthorized access to passwords used in MIUN's system.

  • Avoid sending sensitive information via e-mail, sending e-mail can be equated with sending a postcard. If the information is required to be sent by e-mail, it must be encrypted. Contact the helpdesk for assistance.

  • Keep in mind what environment you are in when handling and talking about sensitive information.

  • Make sure your information is backed up whether it is stored on a desktop or portable device. Contact the helpdesk for assistance.

  • When you stop using removable storage media, keep in mind that it must be cleaned safely