Election of members to the Faculty Board for Science, Technology and Media completed

The election of members to the Faculty Board for Science, Technology and Media has been completed. The election was held online in Netigate, between 26 May and 1 June 2021. Out of the total 210 eligible voters, 111 have voted.


The votes were counted with the following results:

1. Election of internal ordinary members

Ingela Bäckström, professor, KMT, Östersund. No of votes: 81
Kajsa Falasca, universitetslektor och docent, MKV, Sundsvall. No of votes: 71
Magnus Norgren, professor, CHE, Sundsvall. No of votes: 76
Lars-Erik Rännar. professor, KMT, Östersund. No of votes: 80
Mårten Sjöström, professor, IST, Sundsvall. No of votes: 74

2. Election of deputies

Oskar Englund, universitetslektor och docent, EHB, Östersund. No of votes: 78
Madelen Olofsson, biträdande universitetslektor, NAT, Sundsvall. No of votes: 81

3. Election of external members

Per-Olov Hedvall, universitetslektor och docent, Lunds universitet. No of votes: 78
Cristina Rusu, senior expert, Rise. No of votes: 81

Elected as members of the Faculty Board 2021-07-01 – 2024-06-30

The requirements of a 40/60 gender balance and representation from both campuses have been met.

Internal ordinary members: Ingela Bäckström, Kajsa Falasca, Magnus Norgren, Lars-Erik Rännar and Mårten Sjöström

External members: Per-Olov Hedvall and Cristina Rusu

Deputies: Oskar Englund and Madelen Olofsson


Appointment of the Dean

In consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, the remit of the Election Committee also includes identifying a suitable candidate for the role of Dean for the period 2021-07-012025-06-30. The Election Committee proposes that Professor Hans-Erik Nilsson serve as Dean for the period 2021-07-012023-06-30 and that Professor Dan Bylund takes over the role of Dean for the period 2023-07-012025-06-30

The Election Committee has worked hard on the proposal for Dean. Through dialogue with heads of department and subjects, the Election Committee has obtained information about important characteristics and experiences of a future Dean. The process has also included colleting suggestions for Dean, and discussions have been carried out with a number of candidates. During the process, the Election Committee realized that current circumstances would make it difficult for a new Dean to take over as soon as 1 July 2021. The solution proposed to the Vice-Chancellor aims to facilitate a systematic and well-planned transfer of duties.

More information about the process and continued work will be published next week on the employee website.