Election of candidates to the Election Committee at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media 2021

Election to the Election Committee took place digitally in Netigate, between March 23 and March 29 2021. The Election Committee should consist of five people and have a 40/60 gender balance. Both campuses should be represented.

Upon completion of voting, the votes are distributed among those who were proposed to the Election Committee as follows:

Namn Röster Kvinna Man Sundsvall Östersund
Lena-Maria Öberg, Universitetslektor, DSV 76 X     X
Pernilla Ingelsson, Universitetslektor, KMT 54 X     X
Sebastian Bader, Universitetslektor, EKS 42   X X  
Christina Dahlström, Universitetslektor, CHE 42 X   X  
Birgitta Engberg, Universitetslektor, CHE 39 X   X  
Mattias O´Nils, Professor, EKS 38   X X  
Stefan Forsström, Universitetslektor, IST 35   X X  
Thomas Persson, Universitetslektor, DSV 30   X   X
Andreas Andersson, Universitetslektor, EHB 29   X   X
Andreas Lind, Universitetslektor, MOD 23   X X  
Mats Ainegren, Universitetslektor, KMT 22   X   X
Niklas Fagerholm, Universitetslektor, DES 14   X X  

Of the total of 210 eligible voters, 126 have voted.


The votes have been counted, and the Election Committee at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media will consist of:

Lena-Maria Öberg, Pernilla Ingelsson, Sebastian Bader, Christina Dahlström och Mattias O´Nils.

  • The criteria of a 40/60 gender balance and representation from both campuses have been fulfilled.
  • Birgitta Engberg had more votes than Mattias O´Nils, but Mattias O´Nils will be part of the Election Committee in order to reach the requirement of a 40/60 gender balance. 

Proposed guidelines for the Election Committee

In the instructions for election of members to the Faculty Board, it is required that the Election Committee should present candidates for the Faculty Board that achieve a gender balance of 40/60. When proposing candidates for the Election Committee, there was also the opportunity to propose additional guidelines, according to which the members of the Election Committee would carry out their work. The following was proposed:

The Faculty Board members, and to a greater extent the Dean, should have:

- great knowledge of first, second and third cycle courses and programmes and of research
- good ability of overview and act on behalf of the university as a whole
- ability to identify and plan for challenges in the long term
- ability to work towards inclusion, transparency and interaction
- ability to work systematically with routines, processes and delegation 

For Dean, an additional requirement should be:

- leadership competency with good skills in exercising leadership and taking personnel and work environment responsibilities
- Ensuring continuity in the current development work


May 10,   The Election Committee's proposals are sent to the Election Assembly, after which the Election Assembly has 5 working days to submit further proposals.

May 18, at 15:00   Final day to submit additional proposals to the Election Committee's proposals; these are emailed to the Faculty Office maria.torstensson@miun.se

May 19   Summary of the proposals for candidates that the Election Committee has submitted + other proposals received will be sent to the Election Assembly via email.

May 26   Election of Faculty Board opens (5 working days). The election is carried out in Netigate

June 1   Final day to vote

Appointment of the Dean

In consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, the remit of the Election Committee also includes identifying a suitable candidate for the role of Dean. The task of the Election Committee includes gathering points of view to ensure that the candidate has sufficient peer support within the field of responsibility of the Faculty Board. Proposal for Dean will be presented no later than June 1.