The University Board is the university’s highest decision-making body and consists of a total of 15 people. In addition to the Chairman and Vice-Chancellor, there are members appointed by the Government as well as teachers and students (who appoint representatives themselves).

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The University Board is the highest decision-making body of the university and consists of a total of 15 persons. The term of office is three years. In addition to the President and principal, government-appointed members and teachers and students (who themselves appoint representatives).

Members of the Board

Appointed by the Swedish Government

Peter Nygårds, (Chairman), Senior Advisor

Mats Benner, Professor

Charlotte Platzer Björkman, Professor

Anders Fällström, Vice-Chancellor

Ingela Ekebro, Senior Advisor

Lena Maria Lindén, ex-CEO

Håkan Wirtén, Secretary-General

Sören Westin, ex-CEO

Teacher representatives

Peter Öhman, Professor

Marko Laaksonen, Professor

Christina Dahlström, Senior Lecturer   

Student representatives 

Emanuel Magnusson, Student representative, Östersund

Rebecka McNeill, Student representative, Sundsvall

Anna Mårtensson, PhD representative

Others with the right to participate at meetings

Eva Dannetun, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education

Håkan Wiklund, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research

Lotten Glans, Head of Administration

Caroline Wennersten, Internal Auditor

Anna-Lena Perdahl, University Strategist

Kicki Strandh, Head of Division of Communications

Per Bergman, TCO Representative

Ummis Jonsson, SACO Representative

Arne Wahlström, University Lawyer and Secretary