Completed Research Projects

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A list of completed projects within STC.

In alphabetical order:

3D & ROI Video

We have created a ray-tracing based simulation tool to generate 3D-images and 3D-video sequences, with a focus on Integral Imaging (II) based 3D. The tool is based around a generic 3D-camera description model and provides optically accurate rendering using the ray-tracing package MegaPOV.

3D ContourNet COST Action group


3D content creation, coding and transmission over future media networks (3D-ConTourNet). This Action undertakes coordinated research collaboration, at European level, in 3D multimedia creation, encoding, delivery and reception of services and applications over future networking technologies.

Air Quality in the city (prestudy)

Equipment for measuring particles in urban air is very expensive today which means it is only possible to have a small number of measurement points in a city. There are technologies for sensors and wireless communications that enable low-cost solutions and thus makes it possible to have a large amount of data points that can give a better picture of the city's air quality in real time. In this pre study, researchers investigate the possibilities of utilizing low-cost solution for measuring air.

Elin Strömberg Korstaverket

Chrome - Measurement of Chrome with X-ray (Prestudy)

Emissions of heavy metals and other pollutant substances is an important consequence for the surrounding community that industries entail. Therefore, emissions to air and water needs to be monitored. X-ray spectroscopy is a fast and efficient method that can identify different elements in a material. The objective of this study is to investigate whether the method can be used to measure the presence of chromium in fly ash from Korstaverket and leachate from Blåbergstippen.

COINS - Coexistence and Interference Avoidance for Industrial Wireless Applications

The proposed of this project was mainly to solve the problem with coexistence of wireless systems and propose new methods for interference avoidance in harsh industrial environments. To be able to reach the targeted goals it is important that simulators and emulators are built to validate the correctness of proposed mathematical models and academic results that will be developed during the project. Furthermore, a proof-of-concept of an industrial WSAN testbed will be available for future educati

Research exchange University of Pretoria

Co-op in Enabling Improved Prod. & Safety in Underground Mines between Sweden and South Africa

This project will act as a starting point for joint research collaboration between Mid Sweden University and the University of Pretoria. To goal with the cooperation is to strengthening the research in WSNs for industrial automation at both universities by investigating and developing robust wireless communication systems that can handle real-time traffic and enabling application like localization of assets in terms of people and machinery in underground mines.

campus sundsvall

Detection of oil spill in storm water through online measurement (prestudy)

The purpose of this study is to establish a measurement point for continuous reading of oil spill in storm water drains. It would provide information on what level of pollutions that occur in a specific ground drain. The result can be used to explore the possibility of developing a low-cost sensor that makes it economically possible to have multiple measuring points in a complete storm water system to detect oil spill on an early stage.

Development of innovations within fiber optics for industrial applications

The field of Photonics is rapidly growing in Europe and other parts of the world. Photonics is a multidisciplinary field of technology, which includes various ways to generate, control and convert light into something useful.


The availability of energy at a reasonable price level has been a prerequisite for industrial development in our region. Energy supply in central Sweden is still very good but the proximity of energy production is less advantageous as the price of electricity is determined on the European market. Today, the competitive advantage is more related to the knowledge and innovation capacity of the region which provides new and more optimal ways to use natural resources such as raw material and energy.

Failure detector for hydraulic machines

The failure detector is a product from several years of research and it can help industries to prevent expensive machine breakdown. The main purpose with the project is to eliminate the risks that remain before a commercializing the failure detector to the business market. The risks that remain are industrial verification of the detector, verifying that the detector can be produced in a cost and form-factor that fits the needs of a business plan that has been adopted to this verification.

Fiber optic sensors for industrial and medical applications

Fiber optical sensors are believed to have a much larger role in industry and in the medical area. This is due to the insensitivity of light when it comes to electromagnetic disturbance, and high sensitivity.

Flexible Master-by-Research

The project aims to create an open international Master-by-Research online training which is flexible in both time and content, and scalable in the number of students.

FUNKVYZ - Visualization in Mellannorrland (prestudy)

This pre study will examine how university, government, business and cultural organizations can work together to create the first visualization cluster in Mid Sweden. Previous investigations of these groups have shown a great interest in visualization technologies and a need of a venue for cooperation in the field.

HET - High Tech E-Services

Our region is dominated by large distances, which inhibits the ability to utilize services provided only in urban areas. By creating e-services, the services can be made available irrespective of their location.

HYCK - A prestudy of new semiconductor materials and processing methods to be used in printed electronics

This preliminary study of new semiconductor materials and processing methods to be used in printed electronics is expected to provide new kinds of electronic components and manufacturing methods. The need for this technology can be found in large industries in the region of Mid Sweden University such as the paper industry, printing technology industry and with companies in electronics production.

InSIKT - Secure ICT for indoor environments

The main objectives of this project is to develop secure and robust network services for the personal and home environment, and for these networks develop new innovative services that provide safer homes. The project addresses the technical solutions for the personal integrity of the home ICT infrastructure to provide security and trust in applications , such as monitoring, home healthcare, energy management, and control of home appliances connected.

Interreg - Transnational Environment for Innovation, Research and Education

A common trend in whole Western world is an increasing difficulty to recruit new students for programs at universities within natural sciences and technology. On the other hand, we can identify a large need for technically skilled staff to be hired by companies within the region of mid Sweden and mid Norway.

IRPrint - Ink-jet printing of detectors for infrared light

The aim of the project is to investigate the possibility of simplifying the manufacturing process and reduce production costs for thermal detectors using ink- jet printing to manufacture all or part of the detectors.

KITT– Context-Information Sharing for IoT Applications

Context information (context information, CI) relates to the user or the user's environment, it may for instance come from sensors or be given by the user. By utilizing such information, applications may at each session be tailored to the user’s needs. The amount of CI is increasing as sensors are becoming cheaper and being integrated into more products.

MakeSense! - Sensor Collaboration in Welfare Technology

The Makes Sense! project aims to form a strong multidisciplinary research team and to start a long-term collaboration in the field of welfare technology research between Mid Sweden University and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Pori, Finland. The ultimate goal for this collaboration is to increase well-being and provide solutions for meeting the challenges caused by demographic changes and population’s inactivity problems both in Finland and Sweden.

Kulturmagasinet i Sundsvall

Making fresh air visible (prestudy)

The purpose of this prestudy is to create a visualization service that illustrate the air quality in a city, both over time and in real time. The intention is to influence citizens to an environmentally conscious behaviour such as choice of transportation routes. The aim is to improve the environment in the inner city of Sundsvall. This prestudy will promote the development of a visualization center at Mid Sweden University and sustainable growth in Sundsvall Municipality to year 2021.

Medi3D - A “Holographic” Display Test bed for Visualization of Digital 3D Data from Medical Applications

Recent years have seen rapid technological development within diagnostic imaging and other medical applications using visual information. Standard medical imaging technologies such as CT, MR and 3D ultrasound all generate 3D volume data sets.

MobiSense - NFC for easy and intelligent information handling via smart phones

Wanted project further develops and expands the research and collaboration in RFID, sensor solutions and mobile communication built up at Mid Sweden University.

On-Top 2.0

The project aims to develop an optical meter that measures topography in real time directly on a paper web in motion, OnTop (Online topography measurement) and integrate this into Iggesund factory. The meter can automatically monitor and log topographic measurements across the paper surface during production, which can give every square meter of paper produced a stamp of quality.

ORESS - On Rotor Embedded Sensor System

Measurements on rotating machinery are commonly used where the measured parameters can be used in condition monitoring systems or in control systems. These systems can for example be found in engines, gearboxes and generator- turbines.

Permanent Magnet DC motor with on-rotor drive system

More than 90 % of all industrial motors are AC induction motors and bruschless DC motors. They are very reliable but not so energy efficient, almost half of all the electricity in the world is consumed in running these motors. In this project researchers will investigate how a Permanent Magnet DC motor with on-rotor drive system can achieve both the best efficiency and the best performance but with the lowest cost.

Phase contrast

Phase contrast is a hot and relatively new research area, where the scattering of X-rays is studied instead of the traditional way of measuring the absorption in X-ray imaging.


Plenocap aims to study and enhance plenoptic capture systems, develop computational methods and algorithms, and investigate their effect on future immersive video communication services.


The market for sensor related applications and products are growing. An example of such a product is a detector system for measurement of carbon dioxide in air. Within the consumer market one example were these systems are used is as safety switch in kerosene heaters.

Radiation detectors

The concept of spectral X-ray imaging – color X-ray imaging – is gaining interest for many applications. By using the spectral information in the X-ray beam more information can be extracted than using conventional imaging methods. The effect is similar to switching from black and white to color photos. Spectral X-ray imaging has been made possible by the rapid development in microelectronics.

Realistic 3D - in medical and media applications

Recent advances in three-dimensional (3-D) visualization make it possible to fundamentally change how 3-D information is presented. New technology and better understanding of human perception have become a breeding ground for this new realistic 3-D visualization technology.

Remote - Demonstrator- och coachning project to create e-business based on connected things

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge on ICT use in enterprises, create more e-services and create new incentives for increased deployments of mobile and fixed broadband.

Research with OPNET

Wireless monitoring and control solutions (e.g., WirelessHART) in industrial harsh environments offer benefits in relation to lower cost and easier deployments than the case for wired solutions (e.g., Fieldbus system and wired HART). A notable trend in industrial automation in recent years has been the replacement of wired communication with low power and low cost wireless sensor and actuator networks (IWSAN).

Robust Wireless Communication in Harsh Radio Environments

The mining industry is facing a new challenge. There is a global increase in demand for commodities driven by the developing countries. At the same time easy access to high grade ore is decreasing. Increasing the level of automation and improving operational performance is a key to meet these challenges.

Scalable material process for the manufacture of new advanced paper products (Prestudy)

The paper industry is facing major challenges as reduced demand for newsprint is causing a large drop in profits for many big corporations. This forces the paper industry to shift to find new ways to add value and profitability of the products. This prestudy is a collaboration between two research projects in two different areas of technology with the aim to investigate whether the combination of these technology areas may find a way to produce paper with new advanced features on a large scale.

Semiconductor radiation detector platform

The project intends to build a strategic national platform for research, development and production of radiation detectors and detector based applications. The purpose of this platform is to coordinate activities in order to strengthen the research as well as commercialization of the results.

SMART - Smart Systems and Services for a more efficient society (prestudy)

The objective of this prestudy is to connect Mid Sweden University’s profiling in Smart Systems and services of towards the needs in region area. The goal is to find a common agenda that can be implemented in a research application for an integrated project within the Smart Systems. This will be done by networking with businesses, public entities and business clusters and then inventorying of their efficiency or improvement needs and combine these needs with the technology behind Smart Systems.

Syspack - New methods for system integration of intelligent packaging

Nanotechnology has revolutionized the area of printed electronics. The scientific characterization and evaluation of hybridization solutions for electronics on paper is still limited and therefore these issues are addressed within this proposal. In this project we aim to explore, develop, and evaluate new hybridization technologies for paper electronics.

Wireless sensor network for e-health

WSN in health care system gives a large quantity of real-time vital signs to be processed and make decision of health states. Since it is not enough for one computer to process the huge raw data from many WSNs, we suggest using Grid computing technology to analyze the vital signals. A SensorGrid gateway to connect the WSN with Grid networks has been designed. Unfortunately, authors do not clearly describe protocol conversion process.