Video presentations of STC research

Save favourite 18 Mar March 2015

Multi- and hyper-spectral imaging - Dr. Jörgen Ahlberg, Termisk Systemteknik

Dr. Jörgen Ahlberg, responsible for research and development at Termisk Systemteknik AB gives a lecture on spectral imaging. January 26th 2015.

Surface condition imaging using spectral analysis and computer models

Patrik Jonsson, Combitech, held a guest lecture where he presented a completely new measurement technique that can determine whether a road is wet, dry, icy or covered with snow. 2014-05-19

Nya bildsensorer revolutionerar röntgentekniken - Christer Fröjdh, STC

STC researchers are among the leaders in the field of x-ray technique. They participate in MEDIPIX consortium, which is the largest international cooperation for the development of sensors for energy-resolved X-ray imaging.