Guest lecture: New measurement system of road conditions can save lives

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On Monday, May 19th, Patrik Jonsson industrial PhD-student at Combitech will give a lecture on a new measurement technique that can determine if a road is wet, dry , icy or covered with snow . The intention is to efficient ice control and avoids accidents.

This huge road accident at the bridge in Åstorp last year with many casualties and one death had probably been avoided if the bridge paving was monitored with Patrik’s technology. At the lecture Patrik will present more about the measuring technique that uses spectral analysis of infrared light reflected in the roadway. The result of this analysis is a picture of the roadway where the various parts of the roadway classified as icy, wet, dry or snowy. The lecture is given in English and is open to all.

Industrial PhD-student Patrik Jonsson develops new method to improve roadconditions.

”Surface condition imaging using spectral analysis and computer models”

Patrik Jonsson, industrial PhD-student at Combitech.

Monday, May 19th 2014.



The lecture is open to all, welcome!


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