Million for research at STC

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Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has granted Mid Sweden University 12 million for EnergyWise, a research project on renewable energy. The initiative involved the university's two largest research centers FSCN and STC. - This will allow us to develop technologies in the energy, both renewable energy and energy savings for industry and households, says Bengt Oelmann, professor of electronics at STC

EnergyWise aims to increase knowledge and growth in the sustainable use and production of renewable energy. FSCN is Mid Sweden University´s forest products research center, while the STC is focused on industrial IT and metrology.

The concrete questions they will be working on in the project have been developed together with companies and researchers in the field.

- It's about including small-scale renewable electricity generation and to develop technical solutions to measure, produce and convert energy to improving energy efficiency, says Bengt Oelmann.

- Even small improvements in the paper industry can lead to big energy savings. For example, new materials for industry. Already an improvement of 5% of efficiency would provide a global savings of half nuclear reactor, says Håkan Olin, professor of
physics at FSCN.
The grant is 12 million. In addition to this Mid Sweden University invest 10 million. The project EnergyWise lasts for about two years.


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