Researchers in 3D multimedia gathered for summer school

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16-20 of June, 45 reserachers from all around Europe was gathered to a summer school in plenoptic at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. The Summer School for the theory of the light field and its applications to three-dimensional multimedia are led by internationally renowned scientists.

Plenoptisk capture, signal processing and presentation is a research area where development is now moving quickly forward. The plenoptic field describes all the light rays, in a certain place, at a certain time of each optical aspect. If the field is completely known, all possible projections created in the form of pictures and videos with different perspectives, focus, exposure and depth of field, and therefore have a variety of applications.

- Today's plenoptic cameras where image sharpness can be adjusted later on leads to no more blur images. But the future promises more sophisticated applications, such as precise face recognition, personalized 3D TVs and industrial optical inspection, says Mårten Sjöström, professor of signal processing.

The Summer School provides participants not only new knowledge but also the opportunity for new contacts and information about participants' research fields, part of the school is to present their research to each other. Participants are engineers, graduate students and senior researchers in the field and the content consists of both practical and theoretical aspects.

- Since 2007 the researcher at Mid Sweden University have investigated the techniques of 3D presentation. We investigate the limitations and developing new techniques for filming in special 3D formats for compressing data to efficiently utilize network resources, and delivering 3D video on the new screens in the best possible quality. Plenoptic is an area that is interesting for the future 3D techniques for both entertainment and industry, and as we add more and more time on, says Mårten Sjöström.

Summer School held in the network of EU COST Action "3D contournet" but also the County Administrative Board, the EU structural funds and the Foundation provides funding. The Summer School is sponsored by Ericsson Research

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