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News regarding the corona virus/covid-19

Back to campus

From February 9, the restrictions in Sweden will be lifted and we can finally start to return to normal. Campus teaching will increase gradually at Mid Sweden University until the end of March.


Studera på Campus Sundsvall Studera på Campus Östersund

Corona - the situation right now

We welcome all students to a new semester at Mid Sweden University! Here is an update on how we as a university work to reduce the spread of infection and advice for you as a student.


Mid Sweden University is not affected by new restrictions

Mid Sweden University’s operations are not affected by the restrictions and precautions introduced today, 9 December. It emerged from a meeting yesterday between the Public Health Agency and the country’s higher education institutions.


Clarification related to the pandemic

The changing COVID situation creates many new reflections and questions. Here you find a clarification of what applies to us at Mid Sweden University.


No new restrictions on the university’s activities

The spread of COVID-19 has recently increased across Europe and to some extent also in Sweden. However, mid Sweden University is not affected at present, therefore campus education and other activities continue according to previous Vice-Chancellor’s decisions.


New restrictions from the Public Health Agency

The Public Health Authority has decided on certain recommendations to prevent a re-infection of COVID-19. This means, among other things, that you need to test yourself if you experience symptoms, even if you are vaccinated.


Return to campus during reading period 2

On the last August, a principal decision was made on possible return to campus education during study period 2, if the pandemic situation allowed. The easing of the restrictions introduced in the autumn made it possible to implement the decision.


Open halls and closed doors – this applies on campus

Step by step, life has begun to return to the “normal”. For those who study with us, this means that lectures and other activities once again start taking place physically on campus. But not fully, not yet yet.


COVID-19 vaccination

The spread of the coronavirus with variants is at risk of relaunching now that we gather again to a greater extent than in the summer. The Public Health Agency therefore calls on everyone who can be vaccinated. Find out below how to book.


Gradual return to campus

The Public Health Agency’s general advice on distance education for adults will be discontinued on 1 June. However, a return should take place incrementally, so Mid Sweden University has decided to stick to its original plan of alternate attendance on campus during the autumn.


New recommendations for campus education issued by the Public Health Agency

At a press conference on Friday morning, Matilda Ernkrans, Minister for Higher Education and Research, commented that the Public Health Agency of Sweden will change its national advice on adult education. The coordination group will discuss how this affects Mid Sweden University next Monday.


Notification on campus studies at the end of June

At the end of June, and in good time before the admission notice is sent out, the schedule for campus teaching this autumn will be presented. The plan is that studies on campus and distance will alternate.


Regional recommendations on campus Sundsvall

The regional government in Västernorrland, Region Västernorrland, has issued new recommendations due to the increased risk of spread of virus. The new recommendations mean that students and employees are recommended to wear a mask when visiting crowded areas on campus Sundsvall.


Corona-adapted education on campus this fall

This fall the education on campus is planned to resume - but a corona-adapted one. It was decided at the vice-chancellor’s decision meeting today. So far, the decision only applies to the first semester of the fall term.


No extra ”corona exam”

During the month of January, Mid Sweden University offered an extra opportunity for the written exam due to the pandemic. This offer has now expired.


This applies to the on campus exam

Now when a new period with exams begins there is a lot to think about due to the current corona pandemic. Since some exams need to be done on campus we would like to remind you of the rules of conduct that apply to the ”IRL”- exam.


The page was updated 3/23/2022