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Re-examinations, see your past courses, give consent and get certificates.

Ladok is where you change your contact information: phone number, e-mail, current address and re-examinations, see your past courses, give consent and get certificates.


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Register on Course

You need to register on the course you have been admitted to, both freestanding courses and programme courses. I.e., you need to register on each course you are taking, regardless of whether it's a...

Change E-mail Address

During your studies you will receive important information via e-mail. To ensure that you take part in that information you can therefore choose to have all e-mails forwarded to an e-mail of your...

Dropping my course

You can report course discontinue by clicking My Ladok. If you discontinue your studies after the start of the course, you have the right to re-apply for the course and be admitted in competition...

Degree Certificate

The application for graduation is made when you have received final grades on all courses to be included in your degree. For information on the graduation visit www. miun. se/degree.