Change E-mail Address

During your studies you will receive important information via e-mail. To ensure that you take part in that information you can therefore choose to have all e-mails forwarded to an e-mail of your choice.

Below is a guide on how to set up the forwarding of e-mails that otherwise will be sent to your student e-mail only.

E-mail for Moodle, Primo VFU and more.

If you wish to receive e-mail concerning your studies to a different e-mail than the pre-chosen, you can choose to forward all incoming e-mails to an e-mail of your choice. By doing this you do not need to change the e-mail address on all the different platforms (i.e. Moodle, VFU, Primo and more), but instead get everything sent to the student e-mail forwarded to the e-mail address you choose. To do this, log in to your student e-mail. Then click the gear at the top of the right corner à settings à forwarding and POP/IMAP à add a forwarding address. This is where you enter the e-mail address that you want to forward future e-mails to.

E-mail for Ladok

Ladok is where you change your contact information: phone number, e-mail and current address. You do this by clicking “My pages” at the top right in Ladok. However, change of address in Ladok does not affect the library system, therefore do not forget to change your address in Primo aswell. Note that if you study at Mid Sweden University at the same time as another swedish university, changes in Ladok will affect both of these.

Logga in till Ladok

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