Corona-adapted campus education also during the spring semester

Mid Sweden University will continue with corona-adapted campus education also during the spring semester. This means that teaching and examination primarily continue to take place digitally, but that certain courses, course elements and entrance exams can take place on campus.

Rollup med texten "Var nära på avstånd"

We want, as far as possible, a living campus, but measures that can help minimize the spread of the coronavirus must still take precedence.

– Firts of all we prioritize campus teaching for those who have compulsory course elements that must be completed on campus and which are crucial for them to be able to continue their studies. We also prioritize course elements for students who are newly admitted to the campus program in the spring semester 2021 and students who were prioritized in the autumn semester 2020, says Eva Dannetun, chair of the coordination group for corona-adapted campus education.

It is desirable that new students before starting their studies choose to move to our regions, Östersund or Sundsvall. Therefore, both newly admitted students, as well as those students who were admitted to the autumn semester and who already have a habit of certain teaching on campus, are included in the prioritization. You get information about what it looks like for your particular education from your teacher.

– We are fully aware that it is tough for many of our students to switch to distance education, just as it is a big challenge for our staff. Thankfully, there is so far no increased spread of infection among our students and we want to do what we can to ensure that it continues to be so, says Eva Dannetun.

Written examinations and re-examinations are also generally replaced during the spring term with examination forms where physical participation is not required, but even here there may be exceptions if the examination must take place on site. You will recieve information from your course or programme coordinator if changes occur. 

Feel free to look at for tips on how to best manage your distance studies. Here you will also find frequently asked questions and answers.