Decision due to Corona extended until end of August 2021

Tue 02 Feb 2021 09:42

Due to the current situation in Sweden and in our region, Mid Sweden University has decided to extend the previous decision on corona adaptation until 29 August 2021.

Corona covid-19

The increased spread of infection and the stricter recommendations that were introduced by the Swedish Public Health Agency and the regions mean that Mid Sweden University is now extending decisions on corona-adapted education. The decision is extended until August 29, 2021. This also include the re-examination in August. The decision may changed based on the spread of infection.

Equivalent conditions for re-examination
The decision from 2020-11-24 was valid for the entire Mid Sweden University from and including 24 November 2020 to and including 17 January 2021. On 15 December, the decision was extended until and including 21 March 2021.

Due to continued spread of infection, the decision is extended until and including the August 29, 2021. This also include the re-examination in August, which means that any re-examination should be given in the same form as the ordinary examination was given.

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